Prof. Dr. Franck Leprévost

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Born in Cherbourg in 1965, Franck Leprévost is a French mathematician and computer scientist. He is professor at the University of Luxembourg since 2003, and was its Vice-President from 2005 to 2015. Before joining the University of Luxembourg, he was a researcher at the CNRS (Paris, France) and a professor at the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France). He was researcher or visiting professor at many universities (Max Planck-Institut für Mathematik Bonn, Technische Universität Berlin, Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, South Ural State University, Warsaw University of Technology, Cardinal Wyszynski University, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Shanghai Normal University, etc). He was member of the board of directors or member of the scientific council of private and public entities (ATTF, CEPS, FNR, Luxtrust S.A., UNICA, etc.).

His scientific interests include algorithmic number theory, mathematics of cryptology, convolutional neural networks, deep learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms on the one hand, and management of higher education and research organizations, international rankings and the civilizational role of universities on the other hand. Read more

Le Professeur Leprévost a publié huit livres scientifiques, dont trois tutoriels utilisés par les étudiants de plusieurs universités européennes ([1], [2], [3]) and about 70 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

His reports for the European Parliament, in particular his contribution to the report on the Echelon network, have had a substantial technical and legal impact in most European countries. Professor Leprévost has also publicly expressed his concerns about the risks of decline that face Western universities, the dangers of wokism within these same universities, and the actions to be taken to fight this ideology (see in particular the text of a conference).

Professor Leprévost's expertise in the field of higher education and research as well as his managerial skills are frequently solicited by organizations, governments and companies worldwide.

Aside from his scientific and managerial activities, Professor Leprévost is an art collector, novelist, playwright and theatrical producer.

Articles and Reports

Since 1991, Franck Leprévost has published some 75 scientific articles in a wide variety of fields. His reports for the European Parliament have led to substantial legislative changes in most European countries.


Franck Leprévost's tutorials are currently used by numerous universities. He is also the author of essays on the geopolitics of knowledge, as well as plays and novels.